Sexist advertising

This is something that I notice quite frequently on television advertisements, women being portrayed as a heroine or the saviour of the day. It’s not something that I really get hung up about because in a way I find it quite comical. In an age of equal rights for both women and men and rightly so. It seems in a cunning sort of way That a large percentage of ads are designed to show woman as being flawless, all powerful individuals. From the adds that depict the mother of a family juggling the food being cooked on the cooker, making sure the kids are ready for school then making sure everyone leaves the house with the right lunch box etc. While this is going on the man of the house will be made to look like a helpless buffoon unable to tie his tie or tie his lace and then rush out the house only to forget he hasn’t put his trousers on while the wife looks on in an all seen almighty fashion with a face you could easily read as saying “god they would be lost without me.

And then there is another add for a very well known cold remedy of equal hilarity showing 2 ladies out in the freezing cold with what looks like flu clutching hankys as they have a conversation about getting the kids off to school that morning, deciding what they are going to shop for for the dinner that evening while pouring scorn on the in-laws they dislike but will put up with like good little soldiers. The ending line is comical it shows the two of them making their way to the chemists to pick up some cold remedies for their husbands/boyfriends who are supposedly ill at home with a cold and their partners are going through the wars. “Bless them” they say in unison as if women are unflinchable and something as simple as a common cold makes men into an uncoping childlike like non-entity.

I could go on and on about this topic it is rife on television and shows men in an unfair light, like the world would stop revolving. And then I have to tell myself it’s not real it’s only an add. And what this leads me to believe is that the power of advertising and television advertising in particular is a very powerful form of brand recognition. You will notice adds for cars, men’s grooming products or the latest smart phone in the middle of a sporting occasion. Then you’ll notice adds for women’s gossip mags, ladies deodrant or some hand friendly washing up liquid when there is a break in something like Oprah. Common sense will tell you that it would be best to advertise products at times when a specific audience will be tuning in to watch a particular programme. But there is no doubt about it that the companies that run and design TV. advertising are well aware that we are still, but only just, living in an age where the man of the house will come home with his weekly earnings, hand them over to his wife because we all know women are much better with the family finances and are more responsible with money than their male counterparts. Advertising companies pick up on this and therefore prey on women by letting them know how wonderful they are while making men out to be oafs at the same time. In fact I am sure of this and will be closely watching out for more of this in future. It really makes me think. Does this get to anyone else Please feel free to let me know if you think this is happening for real.