Can you keep a secret?

I was reading a few blogs over the last few days trying to get a bit of an idea of what people like to blog about because I’m new to this game. So I came across one chap’s blog and he was posting about some treats he really liked from back in the 1990s. They were called PB crisps and made by Planters. I have to admit I don’t remember these snacks on sale here in Ireland, in fact they probably were not as Planters from my memory were not a big seller here in Ireland. I do remember Planters peanuts and even then KP and Manhatten would have been the biggest seller of peanuts in these parts. But it got me thinking about snacks and chocolate bars that used to be very popular but for some reason were taken off the market. To some people          they have cult status and it got me thinking about a chocolate bar that was a big hitter here in Ireland and Britain. It was called a Cadbury’s secret bar and boy these bars were fine. Many times me and my friends have talked about this sumptuous treat which completely disappeared from the shops a long  long time ago. Everybody that remembers this bar will testify that it was THE finest chocolate bar ever made. I seem to remember when it was available most people were raving about them.

And so here it is, the Cadbury’s secret bar. It was a thick milk chocolate outer bar that resembled a shredded wheat biscuit in that it was covered with lots and lots of thin lattice swirls. After you bit through the generous thickness of smooth Cadbury milk chocolate (GOD WHY DOES CADBURY AND BLOG KEEP GETTING UNDERLINED AS MISSPELLINGS?) you reached the inner core that contained the real treat. It was a delicious, smooth, whipped centre of the same consistency as thick mousse. Very like a walnut whip in it’s texture. Oh the memory is coming back now mmmmm. It was wrapped in a golden wrapper with the word secret printed in purple and this colouring definitely had something to do with the decadency of the bar itself. In fact from doing a google search, I was able to find I wasn’t alone here. There are quite a number of forums both past and present championing the secrets bar. There is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to this bar and many people have called for it to be brought back. Kind of like the mission to bring back the whispa bar a number of years ago. If you search Youtube you will even find a number of people have been good enough to go out of their way to upload it. And it brought back great memories to see this ad again. It was filmed on a train in the 1940s about to depart a station with a glamourous lady being asked to keep a secret of some sort from some gentlemen. Both the ad and the bar and it’s wrapper were all in keeping with an idea of classiness.

So this is for all those out there who remember the secret bar or anybody who remembers their own favourite treat from yesterday and wonders why it was taken from the shelves, I hope it brings back good memories. Certainly the Cadbury’s secret bar was a good seller, people remember with fondness, and there are definitely lots of people calling for it to be returned so maybe this can be the start of a campaign to get it returned to it’s rightful place. I hope this post was of interest to anybody who happens to come by and especially to the head man from Cadbury. We want our secret and yes we can keep one!


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