Making it work.

To anybody, no matter how small who by chance happen to stumble upon this post I just have to share and tell the world how totally over the moon I feel right now. After months of thought and contemplation about whether I should start a blog or not, I finally dedicated myself to it and started off with some blogs that were different to each other in order to try not to place all my eggs in the one basket, try to appeal to different tastes as I have an interest in many things, some more than others. But I was getting really disillusioned and frustrated with it. And it was this. I was finding it very hard to cope with the vast amount of options, settings, themes, widgets and what most were for. If I’m honest I am a little impatient and was finding it tough trying to categorize my posts in a way that most other bloggers seem able to do. Finally! after days of trial and error I was able to work out how to put my posts into specific headings on my sidebar as it was really getting to me. I’ve only had a blog less than a week now and it seems to be taking shape for me. I’m sure most if not all had the same difficulties at the start of their blog career’s. To add to my newly found vigour and understanding I had my very first like when I discovered today that somebody went out of their way to read one of my posts and actually liked it. Couple that with the fact that my blog received 30 hits so far and 21 seemed to be today has really given me a boost. Pheew I just had to get that of my chest. If you have had the chance to read this I wonder if you were going through them same feelings when you were starting out. Now I’ve mastered what seemed to be a giant, unsolvable puzzle I think my next step is to add some photos and video (I’m sure this will be another big obstacle to overcome but Rome wasn’t built in a day). Lord I’m glad I have so many millions(potentially) of people to listen and share in my good fortune


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