heaven on earth

Of all the great places on this earth that I dream of visiting the one that constantly keeps coming up in my thoughts is Canada. I mean I know it has it’s own problems social deprivation and crime in the big cities and the notorious Vancouver east side and not to mention the mind numbing cold that engulfs the land in the winter. But on the plus side, the side I constantly dream of one day visiting is the unequalled natural beauty on offer. Those pristine pacific pine forests, the beautiful lakes and wilderness. The white water rapids in the Rockies, the historical native enclaves and then up north to the resourceful inuit people and all the while breathing what must be fresh air as crisp and clean as you can find. I could go on and on and on but I think most people what get what I mean, no wonder the French and British fought so hard to lay claim to this vast piece of land that promised so much and didn’t break it’s promise

Oh and there’s one final thing I would like to mention it’s that the US. seem to give those Canadians such a hard time (maybe there’s some more sinister underlying factor here I’m ignorantly unaware of). But I’d put money on it being just a national rivalry. Either ways I’ll dream my dream until one day I see this awesome land called Canada for myself


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