Where is technology going to lead us?

The world we are living in has changed so dramatically, so quickly in the last 20 years in regards to the explosion of mobile phones, the addition of the world wide web to the PC. and then on to the laptop and now the tablet. For many it has been quite easy to keep pace especially schoolchildren who are practically using them as schoolbooks and their young brains are designed to soak up information at a particularly young age. Then there are more who have adapted to the sudden change in this worldwide culture shift. But there is a greater number of people, from those unfortunate to live in abject poverty whose basic requirement of making sure they have a full belly going to sleep at night far outweighs the need for a laptop or mobile phone. There are the late learners who caught on to the craze at a much later age and therefore struggle with the constant bombardment of communications and technology and that leaves the elderly, not all mind you but sadly most older people are set in their ways and are not for changing. For this reason they are blissfully unaware of the age we are entering which really could be compared to the great ages in human civilization such as the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age. We are now in the computer-technology age.

It really has been an eye opener to have lived in an age when so much advance was made in such a short period of time. In fact, if you step back for a few moments and think of the gadgets we have available to us now and what they are capable of it is truly astonishing. It wasn’t too long ago, perhaps 20 years when I was a 14 year old boy who thought having a telephone in the house was a real luxury instead of walking 10 minutes to the nearest pay phone and even then there was a chance it was vandalized. An Atari 2600 a Commodore 64/128 or a basic Nintendo were the in thing, the zenith of personal computers and popular games.

Life is changing so much for both good and bad but one of the negatives it is creating is a distinct lack of human interaction in a personal way. Such as a face to face meeting or a thoughtful written letter or even a telephone call. Now it is e-mails, instant messaging, smart phones that eliminate people having to think for themselves. It is all happening so quickly it makes me wonder where will we be in 20 years from now. The mind boggles at the thought of what will be in store for the next generation. Or is this what it felt like when your parents used to tell  you things were so different in our days. As sure as the earth goes around the sun it’s equally as sure that life goes on and evolves. What a powerful thought if you allow yourself sometime to think about it


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