Oh the pain ouch

It is really only now that I am getting over one of sorry the most heartbreaking moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. The English football premier league season 2011-12 was without doubt the most exciting, dramatic and mind boggling seasons ever. From the unusually high scoring games to the emergence of a certain team from Manchester and it’s not United, we were in for a roller coaster ride from the off. Manchester City had gone 44 years without winning the league and us red supporters took great satisfaction from this. But there was definitely something different about this bunch. Even though they appeared to implode around March and allow United take an 8 point lead with 6 games to go, they kept plugging away and suddenly it was Man. United’s complacency that came back to bite them in the bum.

And after all the twists and turns it all boiled down to the final day. Man. City hosted QPR. the team with the worst away record in the premier league. They surely couldn’t fail this time. I’ve never experienced such anxiety, stress, worry and excitement all at one go and when United took the lead after about 20 mins. we were temporarily top. But just before half time the inevitable, Man. City scored and it was back in their hands. But you couldn’t have wrote or even dreamt of what would happen in the second half. First of all QPR. equalized to the utter joy of us of a red persuassion. And then the unthinkable they actually took the lead and now we were really starting to dream. City would need 2 to wrestle it back. Boy them 20 minutes were agony. The longer it went on it should have felt better but it got worse. Nails being bitten, heads in hands. Were we actually going to rob them in the most callamotous ways? Believe me it would have utterly destroyed City fans if they did. And then added time. There was 3 at United’s game and 5 at City and they were still losing. All I was thinking off was the idiots who got tattoes on their arms proclaiming champions. I really thought we were going to rob them. So just moments before Man. United got the win they needed Man. City equalized. I prayed, begged, would have sold my soul to the devil for the game to end there and then. And as our game ended I turned over to watch the last minutes of City’s game and within 15 seconds of switching over they scored! Absolute devestation, pain, destruction. We were so close to winning it and so an ending to a sporting occasion never witnessed before unfolded. I fell to the floor in self pity like a little child and hid my tears. I didn’t know what else to do. The bad memory will live forever but the raw pain is just beginning to subside. Manchester United have done this to so many others on so many different occasions I suppose it was bound to happen to us. But whatever team you follow you will never forget that day for the rest of your life. Football, bloody hell! Roll on Euro 2012              Image


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